Qatar to play ‘central role’ in Germany’s energy strategy, Scholz says

Qatar will play a “central role” in Germany’s new energy strategy, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Friday.

Speaking at a joint news conference in Berlin with Qatar’s emir, Scholz said the two countries will enhance their economic ties and energy cooperation.

“Germany will further develop its energy infrastructure so that we will be able to import sufficient amount of liquified natural gas by ships. Here in our strategy, Qatar plays a central role,” he said, referring to Berlin’s plans to end its reliance on Russian energy in response to the Moscow’s war on Ukraine.

For his part, Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani said his country has made major investments on liquified natural gas (LNG) recently and that they will be happy to contribute to the stability of energy markets.

He underlined that Qatar will boost its LNG output in coming years, and will be in a position to increase its supply.

“Whatever we can provide for energy security in Europe, even during this period, we will make sure that we can provide,” he said.