EU, Turkiye, Western Balkans hold annual economic policy dialogue

Representatives of European Union member states, the Western Balkans, and Turkiye met for their annual economic policy dialogue, the European Council said on Wednesday.

The meeting in Brussels was also attended by officials of the European Commission and European Central Bank, as well as representatives of the central banks of the Western Balkans and Turkiye, read a statement.

The dialogue aims to prepare the Western Balkans and Turkiye “for their future participation in the European Semester,” the statement said.

The Western Balkans include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Serbia.

The COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing Russia-Ukraine war have caused public health, economic and social challenges in EU member states, the Western Balkans, and Turkiye, the statement said.

“Participants agreed that the economic policy dialogue is of high importance in view of a common interest to define appropriate policy responses to the recent adverse shocks,” it said, adding that the dialogue will continue next year.​​​​​​​